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October 23, 2012


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Hey everyone of The Audrey Two Fan Club!

Sorry for the delay of blogs and journals, I really need to sit down and do my part as a Group Founder. Since we are getting to a slow start, I decided that we should have our very first contest! :clap:

The first contest is to Create an Alien FlyTrap OC!

Rules: It could be one of Audrey II's offspring or a whole new different plant that came from the same planet as Audrey II. These flytaps can be used to show ourselves in the club/stories/RPs, etc. You will have to complete a form and drawing is optional. Your character must be original and it has to come from you.

The template for the contest:

Type/Species of Plant
Main Gender (Plants are technically both, but if it has a preferred gender, either put Male, Female, or It)
Main Size (Size that it prefers)
Diet (What it likes to eat... it could be specific prey or different food. For example, one of my OCs eats sticky notes... but that was in a dream)
Growth (How does it grow)
Owner (If they have any)
Connection to Audrey II (Are they connected to Audrey II as "children", the next generation of Audrey II's, etc.)

First Place: Three Free Drawings from me and your FlyTrap OC will get interviewed by me in a journal blog
Second Place: Two Free Drawings from me and your FlyTrap OC will be featured in a comic
Third Place: A Free Drawing from me and your FlyTrap OC will be featured in a drawing
Runner-Ups: Honorable Mentions, Llamas, and/or Points

Deadline: November 23rd (you have about a month)

Have fun and please notify me first if you're going to participate in the contest. Thank you.

To help get started, I have a list of all the plant OCs I posted in this club:

Plant Pups/OCs So Far:
Adrián (Male/Cerberus Plant)
Athena (Female/Cerberus Plant)
Aala (Female/Ceberus Plant)
Vinnie (Male/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Squadd (Male/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Aoi (Female/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Violet (Female/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Trix (Female/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Soxer (Male/Plant Pup of Twoey)
Junior (Male/Offspring of Twoey)
Jail (Male/Planet Pouch Plant)
Xeres (Female/Rose Plant)
Gesshoku (Male/Mystery Plant)

Enjoy and I hope to see great entries from you guys!

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Robo-Seb Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student Artist
I'm doing this!

Name: Kilofarko. *Pronounced: Kill-o-fair-ka*
Type/Species of Plant: What Twooey is.
Main Gender: Male.
Color: Dark Green.
Main Size: The size a human adult is.
Personality: Kind, Honest, Loyal, and Respectful.
Diet: Wild animal flesh and blood.
Growth: Doesn't want to grow to big.
Owner: *Theatrical ending of LSoH* Seymour and Audrey Krelborn. *Original ending of LSoH* None. *If Audrey II didn't exist* Coraline Jones.
Connection to Audrey II: A pup of Twooey, but is also a son of another plant alien.
Quote: *Theatrical Ending* "Yes, I eat wild animals, so what?"-Kilofarko to Seymour and Audrey whilst eating a live wild animal. *If Audrey II didn't exist* "OF COURSE I TALK!"-Kilofarko to Coraline after she realises that he talks.
Other: Kilofarko seems to be in love with Xeres, keeps the Krelborn's/Coraline safe, and hates water.

This was SO fun!
Robo-Seb Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Artist
Robo-Seb Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student Artist
I'm DEFININITLY *How do you spell that XD* doing this!
TheCreepypastapony Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
I'll do it :)
MJSmoothCriminal999 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
Okay. :)
AZ187 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This still open? I'd like to do this, actually.
MJSmoothCriminal999 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Yes, it's open. Go right ahead! :D
Cartooniac55 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Since nobody entered but I wanted to do this anyway, I thought I'd try filling it out.
Name: Veridian
Type/Species of Plant: Flytrap-esque genetic "child" of Twoey
Main Gender: Veridian is actually genderless, but it sounds and usually refers to itself as male.
Color: Green (actually, it glows a light green, too)
Main Size: I'd say about eight feet tall.
Personality: Usually secretive, it has a tendency to be either manipulative or rude to most others as a sort of "test" to see what someone's like and what they're capable of. Only seems cooperative with those it considers "equals" as far as power goes, but it's difficult to tell whether it's because it genuinely respects them or it plans on eating them until it's too late.
Diet: Blood and/or other creatures. It has a slight preference for hybrids.
Growth: Consuming blood and/or other creatures.
Owner: She's not it's owner per se, but there is another hybrid (changeling/Bogeyman) named Paras that could be considered something like this since she's the one who brings creatures to it.
Connection to Audrey II: Hybrid "child" between Audrey II and another green creature from space.
Quote: "What do we have here?"
Other: For reasons even I don't understand, it seems to be...romantically interested in Paras. She doesn't seem to be aware of this, and I can't imagine why she would be since it's hidden it so well (and she's a bit too young to be romantically involved with anyone yet).
Would that work?
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